Signal Processing for Dummies


So much noise on a plane! Introducing the Power Spectral Density

Power spectral density (PSD) Wavy has been a little absent in the last period, engaged in several trips. During last ...
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Wavy and the sampling or Nyquist-Shannon theorem

The sampling theorem or Nyquist-Shannon theorem This post deals with one of the fundamental theorem of signal processing: the sampling ...
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Curious about what Signal Processing is?

Are you curious to know what is Signal Processing? Have you have ever heard “we need to process the signal”or ...
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Any idea of what a frequency is? Playing with the Fourier Transform

Do you have any idea of what a frequency is? How can we pick the frequencies contained in a signal? ...
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Simulating time series

We are going to simulate  time series using basic function in python. This is the first post of a series ...
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