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Data never lie

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Data never lie

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In this website you will find posts both in Italian (my native language) and English. My intention is to talk about my work, my research, the signal processing, machine learning, but also about my passions such as travelling and photography, things I love doing in my spare time.
I made all the photos you see in this site. Enjoy the site, have fun and share my posts if you liked them.

In questo sito web troverete articoli sia in Italiano (la mia lingua madre) che in Inglese. La mia intenzione è di parlare del mio lavoro, di analisi dei segnali, machine learning, ma anche delle mie passioni quali viaggiare e fare fotografie, cose che amo fare nel mio tempo libero. Infatti, le foto che vedrete nel blog, sono miei scatti.
Divertitevi e condividete i miei posts, se vi sono piaciuti.

About me

I’m Head of Data Science Office at European Gravitational Observatory, since March 2018 Associate Faculty at Scuola Normale Superiore.  I’m co-chair of the Machine Learning informal group in the LIGO/Virgo collaboration. I was the  main proposer  for a COST action “A network for Gravitational Waves, Geophysics and Machine Learning” (, which was financed by COST association. I’m Cost Action 17137 chair.
Apart from the academic and research stuff, I’m machine learning passionate and participated to Kaggle competitions, gaining the badge as Kaggle Master. My hobbies are yoga, bike, travels and photography!

The travelling scientist

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