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Install JVM xgboost package

Install JVM xgboost package to interface to Apache Spark For a complete guide and documentation, please refer to the official xgoost documentation. Here, I’m just reporting a quick start to […]

Build and install Spark on Linux platform.

Build and install Spark on a Linux platform Here a short guide to build, install and configure Apache Spark on a Linux platform. You can decide which Spark release install […]

Spark code snippets

A growing post which gathers short pieces of code Let’s suppose spark to be an opened spark session. How to merge 2 spark DataFrame Python: Scala: How to perform Cross […]

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About Blog

In this website you will find posts both in Italian (my native language) and English.
My intention is to talk about my work, my research, the signal processing, machine learning, but also about my passions such as travelling and photography, things I love doing in my spare time.
I made all the photos you see in this site.
Enjoy the site, have fun and share my posts if you liked them.

In questo sito web troverete articoli sia in Italiano (la mia lingua madre) che in Inglese.
La mia intenzione è di parlare del mio lavoro, di analisi dei segnali, machine learning, ma anche delle mie passioni quali viaggiare e fare fotografie, cose che amo fare nel mio tempo libero.
Infatti, le foto che vedrete nel blog, sono miei scatti.
Divertitevi e condividete i miei posts, se vi sono piaciuti.

About me

I'm Data Scientist at European Gravitational Observatory. I'm physicists working on data analysis and data characterization for Virgo experiment.

My research as data analyst deal with data preprocessing and data conditioning (on ResearchGate) anc machine learning.

Moreover since 2014 I'm the Scientific Coordinator of European Project GraWIToN.
I'm on the advisory board of SIGRAV ( Società Italiana di Relatività Generale e Fisica della Gravitazione).

Apart from the academic and research stuff, I'm machine learning passionate and participated to Kaggle competitions, gaining the badge as Kaggle Master.
My hobbies are yoga, bike, kick boxing, travels and photography!


Register now! 2nd #ASTERICS-OBELICS International School 2018, #LAPP Annecy
#MachineLearning #programming #python #C++ #AOISch

You can also help @LIGO and @ego_virgo in our search for #GravitationalWaves by playing @GravitySpyZoo & sorting detector noise

#HappyBirthday #gravitationalwaves

⚙️🎹📝 Automatic piano music transcription, with Magenta!

Check out the new project (w/ source code & model) 👇

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Data science projects & related stuff

Kaggle competitions

Some of the Kaggle competitions I participated.

Signal Processing for Dummies

A series of posts on signal processing techniques, with ipython notebook


Python code for kaggle competitions and tutorials on GitHub

Travels & Photos


Some  posts, with photos, while travelling either for business or for pleasure.

The ViewFinder

On the street, walking, looking around…Simple smartphone shoots!


Photographer for passion. Here it is a photo gallery of my shoots.