Wednesday 12 December 2012

at 11:00 in the EGO Auditorium
Prof. Valentin N. Rudenko
Sternberg Astronomical Institute of
Moscow State University
“Current status of the Virgo geo-application problem”
Current understanding of the Virgo geophysical application problem is presented.
Physical mechanisms of geodynamical information retrieval from output data of
the big gravitational wave interferometers are described. Required sensitivity
estimations are formulated in respect of weak geophysical effects considered as
interesting «hot spots» of fundamental geodynamics. Indispensability of a more
detailed understanding of Virgo instrument degree of freedoms coupling is
formulated to solve such tasks as «mutual mirror’s tilt» measurement, «tilt and
shift» separation etc. Proposals for intermediate test experiments are discussed.

Seminar at 11:45
in the EGO Auditorium

Dr. Victor Yuskin
Sternberg Astronomical Institute of
Moscow State University
“Reanalysis of VIRGO horizontal deformations data”
(Summary of all scientific runs)
The description of processing algorithms for horizontal deformation data of
different VSR-runs is presented. Preprocessing includes three steps: despiking,
destepping and gap interpolation. Power spectral densities in the tidal and inner
core frequency ranges were calculated. Empirical periods of typical tidal waves are

Anyone interested is invited to participate!