A three weeks school, addressed to PhD students and young post-docs in scientific disciplines, focused on gravitational wave science and technology, is organized at the European Gravitational Observatory (EGO), close to Pisa, by the GraWIToN European consortium.

GraWIToN is an Initial Training Network (ITN), funded by the European Commission in the seventh Framework Programme, focused on the training of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in the gravitational wave (GW) research field. This research field is in an impressive expansion period, thank to a 2nd generation of GW detector (GWDs) currently under installation and commissioning, promising the GW signal discovery in few years. The whole GraWIToN project with its schools, coherently with the spirit of the INT Marie Curie Actions, will train young researchers both for a future in the academia and in the private industrial sector, in particularly for the R&D-based companies that are the suppliers of high-tech components and apparatuses.

The 1st GraWIToN school opens a set of schools scheduled in the GraWIToN project dedicated to different aspects of GW and astrophysics research: Optics, Simulation, High Power Lasers and Data Analysis. Outreach and project management methodologies are part of this school.

The school will start on April 20th and end on May 8th. Three weeks, during which students can follow lectures by the experts in the GW community and become ready for their work path.

The school starts with lectures on fundaments of General Relativity, Source of Gravitational Waves, Simulation, Optics and Statistics.

The last part of the school will be more devoted to engineering and technological aspects, such as High Power Lasers, Digital Signal Processing and Control Theory.

Outreach sessions are substantial part of this school to prepare the students to tell about their scientific activity and to learn what to do or not, when explaining to public a scientific result.

Great importance will be given to ‘hands-on’ work and all the modules of the schools will be integrated with practical sessions.

A one-day workshop dedicate to EM-Follow Up will be held on April 24, during the school activities and will be part of the school itself, in order to integrate the students in the GW community.


Full program, registration page and further details are available at the link:




GraWIToN Full Partners:

  • European Gravitational Observatory
  • Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
  • Laser Zentrum Hannover
  • Max Planck Gesellschaft
  • Gooch & Housego (UK) Ltd
  • The University of Birmingham
  • The University of Glasgow
  • Boostec SA
  • Università di Pisa


GraWIToN Associated Partners:

  • Leibniz Universitaet Hannover
  • TRII s.r.l.
  • neoLASE
  • Ecole National d’Ingénierus de Tarbes

1st GraWIToN School Partners:

  • Virgo-EGO Scientific Forum (VESF)
  • Società Italiana di Relatività Generale e Fisica della Gravitazione (SIGRAV)
  • The International Doctorate Network in Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology (IDPASC)