Have fun with Gravitational Waves data on KAGGLE


How to acknowledge use of this data

If your research used data from one of the data releases, please cite as:

  • LIGO Scientific Collaboration, “LIGO Open Science Center release of S5”, 2014, DOI 10.7935/K5WD3XHR
  • LIGO Scientific Collaboration, “LIGO Open Science Center release of S6”, 2015, DOI 10.7935/K5RN35SD
  • LIGO Scientific Collaboration, “LIGO Open Science Center release of GW150914”, 2016, DOI 10.7935/K5MW2F23

and please include the statement “This research has made use of data, software and/or web tools obtained from the LIGO Open Science Center (https://losc.ligo.org), a service of LIGO Laboratory and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. LIGO is funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation.”

If you would also like to cite a published paper,

  • M Vallisneri et al. “The LIGO Open Science Center”, proceedings of the 10th LISA Symposium, University of Florida, Gainesville, May 18-23, 2014; also arxiv:1410.4839


We request that you let the LOSC team know if you publish (or intend to publish) a paper using data released from this site. If you would like, we may be able to review your work prior to publication, as we do for our colleagues in the LIGO Scientific Collaboration.


LOSC Development: The LOSC Team and The LIGO Scientific Collaboration

The data products made available through the LOSC web service are created and maintained by LIGO Lab and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. The development of this web page was a team effort, with all members of the LOSC team making contributions in most areas. In addition to the team members listed below, a large number of individuals in the LIGO Scientific Collaboration have contributed content and advice. The LOSC team includes:

  • Alan Weinstein: LOSC Director
  • Roy Williams: LOSC Developer, web services and data base architecture
  • Jonah Kanner: LOSC Developer, tutorials, documentation, data set curation
  • Michele Vallisneri: LOSC Developer, data quality curation
  • Branson Stephens: LOSC Developer, event database and web site architecture

Please send any comments, questions, or concerns to: losc@ligo.org

For general information on LIGO, see the About LIGO page.